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2017 Guatemala Mission

Back from another successful mission trip to San Miguel Ixtahuacán, where I had the honor of spending time with the beautiful people of Guatemala. It’s a wonderful way to reinforce and renew my love for medicine. As always thank you to my family, partners and staff for allowing me to go, as I know the trip strains their already busy schedules. And thanks to our patients for their donations and patience!Here’s a link to a silly video showing our great team.

A message from the doctors:

There is no debate that the cesarean section rate in the United States is too high. At Volusia Ob/Gyn, we take pride having a primary section rate (those done on women who have never had a c-section) significantly below the national average. Our overall rate is right at the average across the US. We have done as much as we can to lower our rate without compromising safety of mothers or their children. We now feel that with the outstanding Florida Hospital labor nurses and staff, our physician staffing model, and our commendable anesthesia providers, we are ready to take the next step to lower the overall rate further. In an effort to do so, we will begin to advocate vaginal birth after cesarean section (VBAC).

We will discuss who is an appropriate candidate for VBAC with each patient as appropriate. Clearly, VBAC is not a risk-free undertaking, and the most important determinant in assessing who is a candidate for a trial of labor is individualizing our approach to each prospective candidate. If you have an interest in VBAC, feel free to bring it up at your next appointment. Your doctor can help you determine what your risks are, and what your likelihood of success is.
As always, we would like to remain at the forefront of medical management and practice without compromising the safety of both babies and their mothers. By reintroducing VBAC to our practice, we will continue to do so.

Your physicians at VOG 🙂

We had a very successful and rewarding trip to San Miguel Ixtahuacan, Guatemala. 107 surgeries, over 2000 patients seen, 88 fuel efficient stoves and water filters were installed. 19 midwives received certification in basic infant resuscitation, prenatal care and obstetrical emergencies. New friendships were made and old ones reinforced.

Just getting back to the office after a great mission trip. We took care of 1222 people: 86 surgeries (general, plastics, gyn), 605 clinic patients (dental, peds,gyn and general medicine) plus 531 patients were seen at outreach clinic (similar fields). This is along with the stove construction team installing a record # of efficient and safe stoves and the midwife education program doing two days of training. We had a blast and here’s a silly video to show y’all. Any ? Feel free to ask. Love, Dr.T ‪#‎volunteerism‬ ‪#‎HELPSInternational‬

Guatemala Mission 2015 featuring R.E.M. Stand:https://youtu.be/XmGtMuw6sP0


Good Morning patients and VOG family.

We wanted to inform you all that after lengthy consideration, the physicians have decided to take a leave of absence from practicing at Halifax Health. The leave of absence is anticipated to take effect September 18, 2014.

This difficult personal decision in no way reflects on the quality of care provided at Halifax Health-that facility is staffed with excellent nurses and providers.

If you wish to deliver at Halifax, we will gladly transfer your care and have discussed this with Dr. John White, OB/GYN Health Center and Dr. John Vagovic. We will strive to discuss specific arrangements with all of you individually to assure continuity of care.

Please feel free to discuss any questions or concerns with your physician or one of the members of our staff. Since this page is a public one, we are not allowed to answer any specific questions via this forum.

We appreciate your understanding in advance


20140306_102410This is a highlight reel from our most recent trip this March. We had a great Daytona team that included Dr.Sergio Zamora and his wife Desire, labor nurse Nancy Zicker, ward nurse Shawn Butler, premed student Emily and my son Cristian. Hope you like it

Dr.T 🙂


We are very excited about our new addition to the VOG family. Hope you enjoy the video.  🙂

http://youtu.be/YfKTGBFAwgUWeb ready


Last month Drs. Tapia & Desai performed the first single site hysterectomy in Volusia and Flagler counties. This innovative technique involves a single incision through the umbilicus (navel) and special instrumentation to allow surgery through the small incision. This results in an invisible scar and minimal recovery time. This technique is not only applicable to hysterectomies, but can be also utilized to remove ovarian or tubal masses, as well as other gynecological procedures and is part of our A.I.M.I.S  training and certification (http://www.aimis.org/). Insurance companies would consider coverage of this type of surgery no differently than any other type of  gynecological surgery and your hospital stay would be at most one night (what is known as a 23 hour observation for hospital coverage purposes). We have enclosed some pictures (warning: operating room pictures!!!). Please call or email if you have any questions.

20131209_114326                                                                      incision site

20131028_124028 (1)

                                     removal of the uterus through the incision


                                                      immediately after closure


                                                        six weeks post-surgery


Hello everyone it’s Dr.T:

Just wanted to share a video of the latest mission trip to the Dominican Republic. For those of you who don’t know, it’s usually a yearly trip for me and this marked #15 ( there’s been two years where I’ve been twice). It is incredibly rewarding and I’m very fortunate that my family (home and VOG) allows me to go. Hope you find it entertaining! 🙂


Dr. Linda Haddox is announcing her retirement from private practice as of October 31, 2013. The Volusia Ob/Gyn family will continue to provide the same excellent care you and your loved ones deserve. If you hace questions, please feel free to contact our office.